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Mathilde (writer/director) and Elisabeth (producer)


When a teenage girl makes a shocking discovery, she devises a plan to kidnap her kidnap her grandmother and take her to Belgium




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A heartfelt gem about a teen girl and her grandmother. Poignant, funny, genuine and cinematic. I have four words to say about Dratwa’s debut: can’t wait for more.
— Ela Thier, writer-director (Foreign Letters, Puncture, A Summer Rain)
Mathilde a indéniablement un sens du gag visuel et verbal mais sait aussi diriger des acteurs de tous âge.
— Jack Mener, Secrétaire général de la Fédération Internationale du Film Indépendant (FIFI)
The film, described as a labor of love by Dratwa, has received accolades on the independent film circuit [and] gained momentum through word of mouth. A coming-of-age story with heart.
— Triston Brewer, VerbalSlap
A cute and very bittersweet tale with a real handle on its characters. Martine Moore is adorable as young Sophie; Victoria Blankenship’s performance is wonderful as the quirky Faye. A short dramedy brimming with talent and creativity.
— Felix Vasquez Jr., Cinema Crazed
Sundance Channel Escape From Garden Grove